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Serving the children
and families of Canadian County

With respect, dignity, fairness and compassion.

Hispanic mother helping daughter with homework

What We Do

The Canadian County Children’s Justice Center operates as a department of the Canadian County government, providing services and programs for children and families.

Included are offices for the Juvenile Case Managers, Detention Center, Behavioral Health, CHBS, Alternative School as well as the local agency of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.

Family Sitting On Sofa At Home Together

Serving Our Community

In order to fulfill our mission the
Gary E. Miller Canadian County
Children’s Justice Center provides a
variety of services including assessment,
prevention, education, probation,
treatment, independent living services,
home-based services, and detention.

Children are our most valuable resource.

Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center exists to serve the The children and families of Canadian County, Oklahoma with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion .  With services to Canadian County as our foundation, we are driven by the motivation to enhance the quality of life for children and their families.

Since 2013

Families Served
Free Drug Test Given

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