As the globe is struggling with the loss and stress of a pandemic, CCCJC realizes that staff, clients and stakeholders have been impacted. As we continually adjust our procedures for safety, our heart goes out to many who have suffered personally, and for loved ones. We wish for serenity and the ability to heal from the suffering and loss that impacted so many.

Substance abuse, the opioid crisis, and trauma are other global issues recognized at the center. Parental substance abuse is a key reason children are separated from their parents and served at CCCJC. Nationally, grandparents and other relatives are caring for a third of all children that have been placed in foster care due to parental substance use. Due to placement needs, Oklahoma is in the top 10 states of grandparents raising grandchildren.

CCCJC has collaborated with Sunbeam Family Services to offer a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren group at the Center. The program encourages preventive efforts that support long-term sobriety and offer resources for the children, parents, and grandparents.

The Center is anxiously awaiting kicking off a new parenting class in 2022. We look forward to add education and training programs like this, knowing it continues efforts to build community through hope.

The Center will continue to be driven to strengthen vulnerable families, and advocate for safety and wellbeing. Through donations from staff, over 20 families in need this Thanksgiving received food baskets to enjoy, and many students and residents will receive stockings filled by staff this year. Donation drives at the Center are very common – staff regularly lead each other in opportunities to come together for those we serve.

We strive to embrace unity and take action assisting individuals and families to enhance our community through respect and dignity. Through a trauma-informed lens, leadership seeks to improve outcomes with collaborative approaches. Leadership seeks to improve outcomes with a collaborative approach to address violence, rights, and responsibilities, substance use, racial equality, and restorative justice. The center recognizes that life in balance is wellness physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.