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Juvenile Case Managers

Canadian County Juvenile Case Managers were established July 1, 2004 to provide juvenile court services for the District Court of Canadian County, Oklahoma.

The organization operates under the judicial oversight of the Honorable Bob Hughey, Associate District Judge.

The following services and programs are operated in support of the juvenile court.

  • Detention Screening
  • Monetary Restitution  (collect restitution and make sure victims get compensated)
  • Court Intake
  • Community Service
  • Court Services
  • Diversion Services  (graduated sanctions programs and informal adjustment)
  • Court Probation
  • Risk Assessment  (Youth Level of Service and Slossom oral reading test)
  • Truancy Services
  • Bullying Prevention and Education
  • Drug Education
  • Parent Referrals
Parental Information Packet
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