CHBS/PAS is a comprehensive program that serves Canadian County families that are impacted by child abuse and neglect. CHBS and PAS are provided through a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The CHBS staff provide an array of case management services designed to: prevent children’s removal from the home, assist in the reunification process back into the home, or stabilize adoptive or other permanent out-of-home placements that are at risk of disruption.

Our specialized case management plan centers around the nationally-recognized, evidence-based Safe Care Model. This model has been proven to be most effective by creating a plan that includes: learning to manage behavior, home safety, healthcare, healthy relationships, and parenting skills. Each family’s plan is tailored to the needs of the family. The Children’s Justice Center receives referrals from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare. Services are free of charge to participating families. Families are seen in their home for a minimum of one time per week by a case manager. Service intensity and frequency will be determined based on safety risks in the home. The CHBS staff utilize a standard set of assessments and clinical tools to periodically identify treatment needs and evaluate progress towards goals.


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